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Make, Play & Wash!

What is Art Soap Clay?

Art Soap Clay is an innovative product which combines traditional soap and clay into one, you can use Art Soap Clay to make any shape that you want, and the finished product will turn into CP soap after it is completely dried out.

Features of CP Soap

CP Soap (Cold Process Soap) is the best way to produce quality soap, it produces a rich amount of natural glycerin by saponification of pure plant base oil, NO ARTIFICIAL or HARSH ingredients are added in the soap, the soap is creamier and luxurious and is good for skin with much better moisturizing and cleansing effects than normal soaps.

無憂暢玩, 快樂學習,  親子歡樂, 感受黏土真正樂趣 !! 

Fun to learn, Fun to play, Let's create your own soap!

香皂黏土 美味風 漢堡飽製作!! 
Art Soap Clay Hamburger Soap making!!

香皂黏土 美味風 甜甜圈製作!!

Art Soap Clay Donut Soap making!